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The Lipstick

This option is best for styling, furniture layout and hard surface selections, a quick overhaul to freshen up any space in the house!


The Big Haul

This option is for a more in-depth project with bigger parameters, great for kitchen and bath projects! It's perfect for anyone who wants to fully envision the space before implementing the design.


Furniture Package

This option is perfect for the quick overhaul of your furniture! We will curate a selection of furniture pieces that compliments your existing space, and loved pieces to keep.



Mood Board Curator

Curate stunning mood boards for your design projects or branding venture. Mood Boards help realize a concept with textures, images and colours; you will have a graphic overview for your new project!

Permit Plan Sets

Permit plans are an important document in the construction side of your design project. If you plan on moving or modifying any structural, electrical or plumbed-in component of your project a permit plan may be required.


The role of a designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of their guests
— charles eames | architect

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