The Process

Online Design Services


The online design process can have many advantages that benefits all project type; the timeline can be fine tuned and adjusted according to your personal project perimeters, you have everything avalible at the click of a button, and you can do as much or little at a time as you see fit! At Curatist Studio it is my goal to ensure your project is curated to your specific wants and goals, and is an easy process from start to finish. Read below to explore the options, and if you dont see one thats just right - I can create a specialized plan that is.  

Before setting up the Intro Phone Call, please take the Intake Quiz below! With the results of the quiz I will make sure Curatist Studio is the prefect match for your project. 



Step 2 - The Questionaire

After the intro phone call, the Questionaire is a series of questions to help develop the scope of work for your project. Everything from design style, to number of family members - it lets me take a look into your lifestyle and the feel your trying to achieve.

Step 3 - The Contracts

This shouldn't be seen as a pain-point, once all the steps above are complete I gaurentee you'll feel confident moving forward - and begin turning your dream space into a reality!

Option 1 - The Lipstick

Step 1 - The Intro phone Call

This is a chance for you to go in- depth about what exactly your project entails. We will chat about timeline, budget, and the list goes on. This is a complimentary call to ensure we are a perfect match for your specifc project!


Step 4 - Gathering Inspiration

You'll have access to a Pinterest Board created for you and your project! Feel free to add images that give a sense of style you love, or a specific piece of furniture or detail you want to use in the space. 

Homer | Inspo Pack
Homer | Inspo Pack-3.png

Step 5 - The Inspo PackAge 

The Inspo Package is the first collection of inspiration images that you will receive for feedback. These images are very important, they drive the design and give direction moving forward.

This is the stage you add your feedback, don't hold back - remember this is your dream house! Once having recived how much you love the open shelving or how much you hate walnut cabinets, then the pack is revised with your comments in mind to move onto the specifics. 

Step 6 - The Design Package

Once we’ve landed on a design style, we perfectly compliment it with real products. We start this process with initial inspiration images and pull details we love to select plumbing fixtures, tiles, lighting and everything else to complete the final vision.