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THE LOOK BOOK: Modern Bathroom

This bathroom exudes modern detail and encourages a clean atmosphere. Crisp lines and thoughtful details paired with lush greens keeps it from feeling sterile. Get the look below with a hand picked selection of products to help you get the fresh, modern bathroom you deserve! 

Image  via   @fourteen.oh.five  |

Image via @fourteen.oh.five |

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Mix up the tile pattern with any of these contemporary geometric pattern to create a one-of-a-kind look. Fireclay Tile has tons of shape options and colours, don't be afraid to change up the colour to bring a punch! 

THE LOOK BOOK: Modern Bathroom

THE LOOK BOOK: Modern Bathroom


Like the look of a modern faucet? These options will give you the desired look - whatever the price point may be. Go for the widespread wall-mount look if you want everything to perfectly line up and be symmetrical - all the OCD people out there this is for you! 

riobel | kohler | vola 

Lighting Looks 

Lighting options are endless, here are a few that pair with the modern elements. For a industrial vibe use an Edison style bulb appose to a milk or frosted glass. 

THE LOOK BOOK: Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are contemporary and clean, a neutral palette with contrasting geometrics and sharp lines completes the fresh look. Want to add some dimension with plants? Check out my post on EASY GREENERY: For Any Interior  for tips on how to implement a little life into any space! Check back soon to see another concept added into THE LOOK BOOK


Embrace the laid-back lifestyle! Effortless and comfortable; adding fun topical and textural elements makes a playful statement. Incorporate some of the pieces below to instantly liven up any space, it will feel like a little vacation every time you dine!


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 Bring in a mix of light and dark woods, sculptural elements; staying with strong lines to avoid a cluttered look, and a statement bundle of greenery and you're set! Remember getting the look doesn't need to mean replicating to the tee; incorporating what you have, going vintage or adding flair in any way, is always encouraged!


Pulling hues from the image provides a place to jump off for colour combinations to create a cohesive palette. Mixing the neutral warm tones, with the bold saturation of the green helps balance the look. Slip in a sharp white to clean the overall look! 

THE LOOK BOOK: Boho Chic | Palette Pairings

Get the look to fit your price tag! Splurge on the Wishbone chair with iconic lines and form, or save on the Tate chair. All three will give you warm vibes to fit right into your boho dining room. 

THE LOOK BOOK: Boho Chic | Chair Compare

| tate | holm | wishbone

Feel free to add more greenery resulting in a kiss of colour, without overwhelming the neutral palette. Be sure to check out the post on Easy Greenery: For Any Interior for a guide to greens, even for all us not so earthly inclined.


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