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FORECAST: Built-In Hood Fans

This new trend is understating the typical statement piece. A modern take on kitchens is to let the details speak for them-selves and live cohessivly, rather then have major focal points. We are seeing alot of integrated appliaces, the next in command just so happen to be the main attraction - the hood fan. Known to be the grounding statment in a kitchen, normally in stainless steel or a custom metal finish, we see people shying towards the modest approach. 



1. Modern Painted Gypsum

Concealing the hood creates a streamlined effect perfect for the modern aesthetic. Painted gypsum board has a clean crisp look, but there are many options for making that focal point not so focal. 

FORECAST: Built-In Hood Fans

2. Farmhouse Shiplap

Shiplap adds texture without being too overwhelming. Subtle lines create movement and detail. Bonus points for the rustic look of a barn board or reclaimed wood. 

FORECAST: Built-In Hood Fans

3. Stone Sophistication 

Add a touch of glamour with a marble or slab of stone. Even with a bold veining pattern you won't be overwhelmed by the natural essence stone provides - even if engineered. There's an option to add strong presence by having the stone stand alone, or use a slab as backsplash to create unity. 

FORECAST: Built-In Hood Fans

4. Traditional Details 

While this option may seem attention grabbing towards the hood, if you add elements  that pair with the details in the millwork it will feel harmonious - not over powering. This look elevates a traditional style, achieving a cohesive design.

FORECAST: Built-In Hood Fans

5. All Trimmed in

Last but not least, theres the option to create a cooking nook. Leaving no trace of a hood at all, it feels reminiscent of a villa in Mykonos or a chalet in the south of France. Hiding the "new age" appliances gives an old world feel and provides character. 

FORECAST: Built-In Hood Fans

The five options above are a small taste of the possibilities for concealing an essential kitchen appliance that doesn't need to always take centre stage. I showed them all in white to help better compare and contrast. Incorporating colour into the kitchen is a huge trend right now, so utilize earth tones - navy blue, moss green, burnt blacks and neutral taupes will ground the space and instantly provide depth. Pulling back to the minimal side encourages a more tailored look. Using any of these options will take your house from a builders basic to a refined - thoughtful home.