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The New Traditional

Traditional has taken a turn - from top to bottom warm wood with heavy detailing to deep charcoal, navy and forest green, as the new standard for the richness a traditional kitchen requires. Staying with the detailing and grounding elements, the door styles have stayed true to the roots, even as far as eliminating frameless cabinetry that has been so popular. We are going back to the concepts of a "Craftsman Style" with the handmade look. Go along to get the key points that changing the way we concive traditional kitchens.

1. Richly Painted Hues

Wood cabinetry is typical of the traditional style - most commonly stained maple + walnut. Now we are shifting into a painted style that gives a new edge. While keeping with the traditional mouldings and embellishments, once painted it conveys a monolithic effect and helps blend the elements instead of making them a focal point.


2. Built-In And Away 

Built-ins are a great feature of any house and makes the space look thoughtful and complete, adding millwork is always worth the extra time and money in the end. Having added storage thats cohesive elevates the design - panel ready appliances are a must for unifying a kitchen. 

Curatist Studio | The New Traditional
Curatist Studio | The New Traditional

3. Framed cabinetry

Frameless cabinetry has been all the rage lately, with its streamlined look - not only does it look clean but it enlarges the cabinetry usable space. Even with those benefits we are seeing people start going back to the framed cabinetry, it provides unique character and detail only obtainable with this style. 

Curatist Studio | The New Traditional

4. Away From Average Appliances

The range is one of the most grounded elements in the room - so instead of going with a sleek modern version try something more classic. French cottage style ranges boast an eclectic elegance that is unparalleled. Coming in many finishes they are perfect to match any colour scheme - and you don't have to stick with a builders basic stainless steel. 


The new traditional kitchen invokes the same sense of richness expected from the style, don't be afraid to use marry the ideas of both old and new traditional to get a mix thats just right. Using lots of wood and chunky detailing will never go out of style in a traditional home.