THE ROUND UP: Decorative Pots


Theres nothing better then a structured plant, such as a snake plant or monstera, contrasting with a raw ceramic or concrete planter.

Bringing unfinished material into a space invokes a different level of character and texture that can't be beat, bonus points if its handmade! But some spaces want more then monochrome, finding something with a bit of colour or geometric pattern adds a splash of interest! Find below a few of my favourites to make your plants pop!

THE ROUND UP: Decorative Pots

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Concrete, ceramic and metal planters can get heavy, and expensive. To get a look that won't break the budget but still gives your plants a clean look try a basket! Wicker and cloth baskets are a perfect alternative that brings texture along with a warmth that isn't seen in the heavy alternatives. Here are three options to make your plants feel at home. 

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