THE ROUND UP: Brass Hardware


Brass is a classic finish that is now popping up everywhere. Try the new trend without any regret by adding a simple touch! Forget about cold cool tone metals like polished chrome, adding brass creates an unparalleled warmth. Find some favourite brass hardware below to get some inspiration to incorporate them into your next project!



THE ROUND UP: Brass Knobs

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Now find some corresponding pulls to use on bigger drawers and doors! Mixing pulls and knobs gives the illusion of character and customization. Even if its an IKEA kitchen it will appear expensive and bespoke with the addition of curated hardware. 

THE ROUND UP: Brass Hardware | Brass Pulls

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Whether you have a modern, eclectic or traditional style, we've got you covered. Remeber not everything in your home has to be a perfect match! But a hot tip would be to try and make sure the brass finish matches as close as possible, it makes not a identical pair still seems intentional. Wether your renovating, building or dressing up a dimond in the rough adding fresh hardware will create a memoriable detail.